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 Oulanbator's application

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PostSubject: Oulanbator's application   Fri Sep 12, 2008 12:18 pm

Name/Characters: Oulanbator ( from Midgardsormr and previously Valefor)
Jobs: Nin, Whm, Pld, War
Hp +7 Mp +1
Str +4
Great Axe +2, Katana +8, Evasion +4, Parrying +4
Ninjutsu +8
Enmity +4, Critical hits +4
Cure cast time +5, Barspells +4, Shellra V +4, Devotion +3, Martyr +1, Protect V +1 ( I'll remove protect soon)
Rampart +3, Sentinel +3, Shield Bash +3, Chivalry +4
Subtle blow +5, San spells +1 each
Double Attack +4, Warrior's charge +1

Sea Access: Yes
Sky Access: Yes
Dynamis - Xarcabard Access: Yes

Previous LS and Server: zEUs on Midgard. I left after 3 months for various reasons: drama, shady leadership, bad ls orientation, and mostly because zEUs was a group made of people that didn't liked each others, divided in national clans ( the frenchies, the swedes, the NAs etc)

Endgame experience: all Sky, all Sea (minus AV), Limbus, 3Kings (HQ/nq), Tiamat, Cerberus, Vrtra, Omega/Ultima, Baha v2, KV, Salvage & Chariots, some tier III Znms, a bit of Einherjar ( about 9k points atm)...
Your Timezone and playtimes: I'm Gmt+1 ( France), I usually play in the afternoon and the evening

Notable Gear:
I kinda lack all the notable gear I really want xD. ( Sea stuff, Salvage stuff, Nyzul stuff, ZNM stuff)
I won't list my gear cause a piece of gear doesn't mean much, I'd rather talk about the setups ( don't worry, I have most of the basics such as haidate, homam legs/hands, Aegishjalmr(w/e), WLegs, Trooper's ring, Loquacious, brutal, Perdu weapons, Sea gorgets etc...)

Ninja: 20% haste, -40% dmg taken, -19%/14% Mgc dmg taken, +156 fire resist, maxed evasion setup, +24 enm gear
Paladin: 17% haste, -25%/20% Mgc dmg taken, +136ish fire resist, 300+ shield skill, +36 enm gear
White Mage: 22% haste, +30 Hmp in gear, Barspell setup (+121 ele resist), 298 divine skill ( <3 repose), 280 enff skill, -22 enm gear
Warrior: 19% haste, GAxe setup, Dual-wield setup, Crude sword for blunt( Gs 225, working on it)

Additional notes you would like to add:

4 jobs is already a lot for me. It means lots of gear, lots of merits, lots of money, lots of efforts.
Ninja is my main and my priority. Yes, Ninja isn't as good as it it used to be, but I don't think I can forget all I did for and with this job.
White Mage is my second priority. I simply love this job ( ah yeah I hate to do haste cycles when farming ghrahs etc... I guess every mage do xD).

I'm not letting Pld and War behind, I have great gear for both.
My Pld mostly lack either status/good looking items like AF2 body or AF feet +1, but having these wouldn't change the way I play, or extremely powerful items ( like Ares Cuirass) but I'm not sure yet if I'm dedicated enough to Pld to work on that kind of stuff.
My War is a bit behind other jobs because I can't focus on everything at the same time. It's still a good DD.

I wish I could play Sch ( I love it as a subjob), or Blu... but well, I can't do everything and I still have many merits and gear to finish before starting something else.

Why you want to join MegaLickser LS :
Because you're playing on EU times and because you like to low man events.
Basically, I'm looking competent players, motivated and efficient. I want opportunities to have fun doing end-game events in good conditions.

I'm also looking for a ls that knows how to set group objectives, a ls that is realist about drops rates and player's possibilities. One of the main problems I faced lately was people loot whoring drops for their Xth jobs, drop that would be barely used, so a waste of time for everyone imo.
For me, that's where the difference between being efficient at making the ls stronger and wasting the whole group's time is.

~ A little bit about you and your in game goals ^^:
I'm a French guy, 28 year old, not married or anything, and unemployed ( yeah no-life profile w/e).

My in-game goals are to progress in this game. I want to discover, learn and master the events I don't.

I'm kinda fed up of groups doing the same old rotten dynamis/sky/kings again and again.I don't like Sky because I spent too much time in there. I don't like 24H HNMs because it's a bot contest and there are only 2 drops really worth it ( Ridill & DRing).
I like grand HNMs like Tiamat or Cerberus because they are a hunt more than a camp. The thrill to rush to the Chasm, racing against other lses is cool... though it's kinda broken since some lses camp there :/. I'm really tempted by the new HNMs such as Ixion and Sandworm, because that's where the money and pimp gears are ( and the competition might be lower there as well).
I also like to explore and camp mini NMs ( like the new ones in the past) and kill these with low groups ( like 3-5 players), though didn't have any opportunity to do this for a while, it's a good source of profit, and it's not crowded.

Basically, I play for fun. I would rather avoid the thing that bores me or leave too much place to randomness or chance, though, of course, I'll help with these things I dislike if we also do other events I prefer.

About my behavior, I'm usually talkative. I'm not worried to say what I think. I'm usually taking initiatives ( though it depends of the group). I do not behave like a soldier, I don't take orders, and I rarely acknowledge any authority to the leaders unless I deeply admire and respect them.
Doesn't mean I'm a messy rebel guy that never listens to others. I consider there is a time for discussion and a time to follow strategies. I'll always do my best whatever is decided, but don't be surprised if I try to take part into decisions.

Well, that's it ^^.
I'm not trying to look cool or to fit a scheme of the perfect applicant, that's just not me at all. I'd rather see if we can work all together or not. If we can, that's great, if we can't then I'll just try to find a group matching my goals and conception of the game.
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PostSubject: Re: Oulanbator's application   Fri Sep 12, 2008 12:22 pm

Wow, nice application!
Thanks! We'll look over it and get back to you soon!
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PostSubject: Re: Oulanbator's application   Sat Sep 13, 2008 5:51 am

Im sorry application was not successful at this time.Good luck on your search for a Linkshell.
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PostSubject: Re: Oulanbator's application   

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Oulanbator's application
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